jeff johnson

Jeff is a highly experienced litigator and former U.S. Army prisoner-of-war interrogator and linguist.

Jeff grew up in the mountains of the West and went to college there.  He is a graduate of Columbia Law School in New York City and has over twenty years of trial experience in federal, state, and arbitration venues throughout the country.  He is licensed in Texas, New York, and Illinois.  He is also a military veteran.

After law school, he began his legal career at one of the premiere litigation firms in the country, Kirkland & Ellis, LLP, in both Chicago and New York.  He moved to Austin in 2004 and served as Assistant Texas Attorney General and staff attorney for three Travis County judges.  In addition, he was a litigation partner at two Texas law firms.

He has managed litigation teams and tried dozens of complex cases to judges and juries in Texas, California, New York, Illinois, Pennsylvania, Delaware, and numerous other states.  He has also briefed and argued appeals in federal and state courts in Texas and elsewhere.  He has significant litigation experience in several areas of the law, including business, commerce, contract, real estate, construction, intellectual property, bankruptcy adversary proceedings, and others.

After high school, he lived in the Andes Mountains of Argentina and on the Tierra del Fuego for just over two years, where he became fluent in Spanish.  After returning from Argentina, he joined the U.S. Army, where he served as a prisoner-of-war interrogator and linguist.  He achieved the Army’s highest proficiency qualification in both Spanish and Portuguese and earned two gold medals at the World Language Olympics in Monterrey, California.  Two years into his enlistment, he began transcribing and translating federal wiretaps and body wires for several government agencies, including the Drug Enforcement Administration.

He loves all outdoor activities, especially in his native West.  He travels there frequently and is an accomplished snowboarder, climber, mountain biker, and hiker.