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Most people don’t spend much time thinking about planning their estate.  It’s complex, daunting, and quite boring.  (Editors’ Note: We actually find estate planning incredibly fascinating!  But we understand that’s not normal.)

Here are some of the top excuses people make for not devising an effective estate plan…

Estate planning is for wealthy people.

This is a common misconception that we’ve discussed before.

Estate planning is too expensive.

Many people think they can’t afford to make a will when, in reality, they can’t afford not to.  Estate planning is an important investment that can pay major dividends to your family and loved ones in the event of your death.  Let us show you how affordable estate planning can be in the Cedar Park, Leander, Round Rock and Georgetown areas.

Estate planning is complex and takes too much time and effort.

In truth, drafting effective estate planning documents can be extraordinarily complex.  

But from a client’s perspective, the process is quick and painless because we do the heavy lifting.  

You make the decisions while we do the legwork.

I don’t want to think about dying.

Nobody does.  But estate planning is for the living, not the dead.  In the event of your death, what would happen to your children and/or pets?  Will your loved ones be forced to spend countless hours in probate court?  There are countless reasons to plan for the future.

Estate planning is too invasive.  I don’t want to reveal my private information.

Trust is the hallmark of the client-lawyer relationship, and we are bound by law to keep your information confidential.  We take your privacy seriously.

Planning for the future is a wise decision, and can be surprisingly easy and inexpensive.  If you’re looking for a rock-solid, affordable estate plan in the Cedar Park, Leander, Round Rock, or Georgetown area, contact us today.

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Joshua Massingill is an attorney practicing in Austin, Texas. He serves on the Texas State Bar’s Law Practice Management Committee, the Leander Educational Excellence Foundation (LEEF) Board of Directors, and the Success-Werx Board of Advisors. He mentors young entrepreneurs in Leander ISD’s INCubatorEDU program and is active in his church.

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