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Business Formation

Ready to start a business? We can streamline the process by drafting a complete suite of corporate formation documents, including certificates of formation, operating agreements, buy-sell agreements and more.  We can even help clients apply for Employer Identification Numbers (EIN’s) from the Internal Revenue Service (IRS).

Business Transactions

Is your small business preparing for a corporate merger or acquisition?  We can negotiate, draft, and close complex business transactions.  Working in consultation with your CPA, we can help you determine whether a share purchase or asset purchase is best for your business.

Business Disputes

Stuck in a contract dispute with a business or individual? We may be able to save you valuable time and money by quickly resolving your dispute without litigation. We are trained negotiators ready to fight for your fair treatment.


Simple contract mistakes can cause major headaches and cost you thousands of dollars.  We can help you avoid these pitfalls by drafting rock-solid contracts, revising existing contracts, and reviewing potential contracts quickly and for a reasonable fee. We also perform contract negotiations and help clients resolve contractual disputes.

Legal Research and Opinions

Have a burning legal question? We may not have the answer, but we can perform legal research and offer advisory opinions to your small business.  If we can’t help, we’ll find an attorney who can.

Human Resources

We help businesses thrive and grow by drafting employment agreements, independent contractor agreements, non-disclosure and non-compete agreements to suit each client’s unique needs. Strategic planning enables our clients to focus on seizing opportunity, not just limiting legal liability.

Business Filings with Secretary Of State

We can assist clients with the full range of business filings with the Secretary of State, including: registration of a foreign entity in Texas, registration of an assumed name (commonly known as a “DBA”), amendments to business entities, and terminations and reinstatements of business entities.  In certain instances, time-sensitive filings are eligible for expedited handling with the Secretary of State.

Licensing and Permit Issues

We have years of experience navigating state and federal regulations and liaising with government agencies. Let us walk you through the tangled web of bureaucracy by ensuring regulatory compliance for your small business. We also assist clients with applications for industry-specific government permits.


We help clients register copyrights, which put the public on notice of your claim and allow you to take legal action against infringers and receive statutory damages in the event of proven infringement.

Concierge General Counsel

Consistent access to legal counsel enables our clients to grow their businesses and focus on seizing opportunity, not just limiting legal liability. For a discounted monthly fee, concierge general counsel clients receive quick (often instant) access to competent legal counsel, and rest easy knowing that valuable legal expertise is always close at hand. We tailor this service to the unique legal needs of each business. Ready to learn more? Contact us today for a free consultation.

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An experienced Texas small business attorney can help you manage the legal aspects. That way, you can get back to focusing on what matters most—your business.

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