Chad Harlow is a seasoned attorney with a unique background that sets him apart in the legal field.

Chad holds a Juris Doctor degree from St. Mary’s University School of Law, and his undergraduate studies led to a Bachelor of Science in Chemistry from Tarleton State University. His diverse expertise, commitment to excellence, and personal interests make him a valuable asset to his clients. 

As an attorney, Chad specializes in Asset Protection, Business Law, and Trusts and Estates. With years of experience in these areas, he has successfully assisted numerous clients in securing their assets, navigating complex business matters, and crafting comprehensive estate plans. His approach is marked by a deep understanding of the law and a genuine passion for serving his clients’ needs. 

Beyond his legal career, Chad Harlow is a combat veteran, having dedicated part of his life to serving his country. His military experience instilled in him discipline, resilience, and a profound sense of duty, all of which he brings to his practice as an attorney. 

He values quality time spent with his family and enjoys sharing his love for coffee with anyone that will listen. Chad is an avid coffee roaster, meticulously crafting unique flavors and aromas in each batch, reflecting his dedication to precision and perfection in all aspects of his life. 

Chad is driven by a client-centric approach, placing the needs and aspirations of his clients at the forefront of his practice. He is unwavering in his dedication to helping clients achieve their goals in estate planning, asset protection, and business law, and he takes pride in delivering exceptional service that ensures their peace of mind. 

With Chad Harlow, clients find a trusted legal advisor who not only possesses a strong legal acumen but also a profound commitment to their well-being. He brings a rare blend of legal expertise, military discipline, and the warmth of family values to every case he handles. Chad is not just an attorney; he’s a partner in helping clients build a secure future.