Revised January 2021

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Our latest guide on medical integration was written by Joshua Massingill and provides you with all the information about medical integration in Texas.

Preview of Topics We Cover

⇒ Basics to Choosing a Physician

⇒ The Physician Co-Owner

⇒ The Medical Director

⇒ The Delegating/Supervising Physician

⇒ Delegation by Physicians to APRNs/PAs

⇒ Liability of Physician for Acts of APRNs/PAs

⇒ Prescriptive Authority Agreements

⇒ Authority to Order Durable Medical Equipment (DME)

⇒ Number of APRNs/PAs to Whom a Physician May Delegate Prescriptive Authority

⇒ Geographic Restrictions

⇒ Periodic Meetings

⇒ Review of Charts

⇒ Scope of Practice Considerations

⇒ Independent Clinical Decision-Making

⇒ The “Doctor” Trap

⇒ Stark, Federal Anti-Kickback Statute, and Texas Patient Solicitation Act

⇒ Avoiding Illegal “Kickbacks”

⇒ Billing of Chiropractic Services

⇒ Replacing a Physician Co-Owner

⇒ Malpractice Insurance

⇒ Insurance Credentialing

⇒ Texas Medical Board Advertising Rules

⇒ Board Complaints

⇒ HIPAA Compliance

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