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Contracts are a part of everyday life.  Buying a phone, joining a gym, opening a bank account — all typically require you to sign a contract.  For most people, signing agreements or clicking to “accept our terms and conditions” is simply routine. At times, this carelessness can come back to haunt us.

It costs how much to cancel my gym membership?!

Small business owners in particular should be extremely careful when signing contracts.  Faulty agreements with vendors, contractors, or clients can cost you thousands of dollars.

It’s understandable that small business owners are reluctant to hire legal counsel when an important business opportunity is at stake.  Attorneys have a reputation as “deal killers” who focus solely on minimizing legal liability at the expense of seizing opportunity.  Also, many small business owners assume that the costs of acquiring competent counsel outweigh the benefits.

But wise counsel can be the difference between success and failure when an important business transaction is on the line.  And in the Cedar Park, Leander, Round Rock, and Georgetown area, small business contract review can be surprisingly affordable.

Our initial consultations are always free.  We draft contracts, revise existing contracts, and review potential contracts quickly and for a reasonable fee.

If you’re a small business owner in the Cedar Park, Leander, Round Rock, or Georgetown area and need a competent, affordable small business attorney to review an agreement, contact us today.

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Joshua Massingill

Joshua Massingill is an attorney practicing in Austin, Texas. He serves on the Texas State Bar’s Law Practice Management Committee, the Leander Educational Excellence Foundation (LEEF) Board of Directors, and the Success-Werx Board of Advisors. He mentors young entrepreneurs in Leander ISD’s INCubatorEDU program and is active in his church.

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